Digital Marketing That Works.

Digital Marketing
That Works.

NU Media is an international digital agency and investment firm headquartered in New York City. We work to combine disruptive digital platforms with proven and cutting-edge digital marketing solutions for all of our valued clients. Our mission is to combine proven digital marketing solutions and innovative development services, to build a comprehensive, cost-effective, and powerful digital platform for our valued clients.


We assess your business needs and goals to determine if we can achieve results. We only bring on clients we know we can help.


We’ll analyze keywords and competitors to identify campaign goals and create a customized course of action.


We execute in a series of targeted and concise iterations. We pride ourselves in finishing products, and we’re serious about ROI.


Our involvement in our clients’ projects goes way beyond product launch. We tweak and nitpick to ensure flawless performance.

Our Services

Digital Marketing

Through a combination of our innovative team-building approach and access to the most cutting-edge marketing technology available on the market, NU Media experts guarantees to deliver hot, high-quality leads and high-converting traffic to our clients.  

Public Outreach

Our Public Relations team also consists of past journalists and editors who are skilled at telling stories at the most important media outlets in the world. Our insiders use their knowledge leverage relationships in order to build stronger connections with your ideal audience. 


Our team of web designers specialize in constructing original, bold, and creative websites for our clients. Our web designers excel at ensuring that the average user can navigate the website with ease with a conversion-driving website that satisfies their customer base.


Certain businesses have brands that are recognizable without any explicit indication of the companies they belong to. From luxury to simplicity and efficiency, at NU Media, our branding team is ready to help you reflect your corporate personality in the best possible way.

Our Team

Our team of marketing, public outreach, and design work together to create a lasting brand image, cultivate consumer loyalty, and maintain positive public relations for all of our clients. We pride ourselves on employing members from a variety of diverse personal and professional backgrounds.

Our Clients

Latest News


The X Pot Redefines Chinese Hot Pot With Robot Servers And 5D Projection


Las Vegas is home to a new kind of hot pot experience, complete with fine-dining-worthy ingredients, stunning 5D projections and robots. In recent years, this Chinese approach to dipping various ingredients, such as meat, seafood, noodles and vegetables, in flavorful broths has become more prominent in the U.S., thanks to heavy hitters like international chain Haidilao.


How to Use TikTok in Marketing

How to Use TikTok in Marketing

Why is TikTok an important tool for marketing? TikTok, “the world's leading destination for short-form mobile videos,” is a platform founded in 2017. Over the last three years, TikTok’s number of active users has grown substantially, reaching 689 million active users...

NU Media: Digital Marketing Mavens

NU Media: Digital Marketing Mavens

As the pandemic damaged many brick and mortar businesses in 2020, digital marketing was able to get them back on their feet. With this new era, digital marketing is necessary and NU Media is thrilled to be a part of your journey to strengthen your digital presence. NU...

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