Initially launched in early 2020, a brand-new social media platform has blown up seemingly overnight. This recently popular social media application, known as BeReal, encourages users to share a slice of their lives in real time with no filters, no edit buttons, and no fame. 

What is BeReal, and why should we care?

As its name implies, BeReal’s main focus is on genuine realness. Here’s how it works:

BeReal users are invited once a day to share a photo of what they’re doing at that very moment, giving friends and others a completely authentic glimpse into their life. Once notified at a random time each day, the user has two minutes to take a photo, utilizing the front and back facing camera, sharing exactly what they are doing and seeing at that very moment. No filters or edit buttons available, users are encouraged to be as real as possible… no matter how mundane.

How is BeReal influencing other social media platforms?

BeReal says its goal is to create “an alternative to addictive social networks” that, instead of focusing on amassing influence, encourages users to do just as their name suggests: Be. Real. The most important question is, does BeReal have the potential to overpower the social media platforms we’ve become so accustomed to within the past decade?

Instagram is currently testing a new BeReal-like feature, similar to TikTok’s brand-new component (TikTok Now). These additions offer a similar authentic vibe, while not ridding these apps of their original social media appeal.

How can BeReal be used in influencer marketing?

The #BeReal hashtag has racked up nearly 685 million views on TikTok alone, and Twitter BeReal memes poke fun at what various celebrities and fictional characters might post. The app itself even has an Instagram page with a single video and words, “What if social media was different than this?” scrawled across it followed by information about the app. “We want an alternative to addictive social networks fueling social comparison,” says BeReal.

Although BeReal doesn’t currently allow advertisements, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room on the app for fostering positive marketing consumer relationships. Influencer Marketing Hub shared 5 Creative BeReal Marketing Strategies for Brands To Stand Out in a recent article, sharing how companies can promote their brand through genuine, raw, and unedited content.

Various popular brands across the world have begun to use BeReal and BeReal-style photos to grow their popularity amongst young adults, college students, and Gen Z. This recent internet craze has opened up an opportunity for marketing professionals to fully take advantage of the growing authenticity of today’s youth, as media consumption is becoming more about genuine representation, rather than becoming famous through heavy filters, and photo edits. So, how are you going to BeReal?

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