As we come close to 2 years of living through a pandemic, it’s important to remember how the pandemic caused such a shift in the local economy, with many small businesses closing shop and many more still struggling to regain the traffic and income it once achieved. Although many businesses shuttered, other businesses turned to digital marketing and focused on growing their social media presence. By maintaining and retaining their online presence, some businesses were able to reach a wider audience.

When many states established shelter in place orders, a majority of people were at home without the ability to interact with the outdoors or travel. Following this change, users shifted from in-person communication to online interactions and businesses found that the pandemic led to new demands and market for creative content. Some small businesses, where applicable, transitioned from a brick and mortar storefront to an online-only store, as foot traffic decreased drastically and online orders became more accessible and increasingly popular.

NU Media | Digital Marketing: How Small Businesses Survived the Pandemic

While social media platforms are a great way to continue providing services or products, small businesses are also using online platforms to keep customers informed about changes in operations and upcoming events and promotions. By establishing an online presence that engages with customers, small businesses can give their customers multiple avenues for customer feedback and support, showing that these businesses value customers’ thoughts and opinions, and encouraging brand loyalty and brand reputation by building mutual trust.

In order to use digital marketing effectively, small businesses should continually update their social media platforms, Yelp pages, Google My Business pages, and websites. For more information on how to build a social media presence, please visit and view our other blog posts!

Although the pandemic has rushed in a new direction in marketing and operating a small business, it has encouraged many people to start their own business and find new ways to continue building their brand.

NU Media | Digital Marketing: How Small Businesses Survived the Pandemic
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