Leveling Up with LinkedIn Creator Mode
Creator mode on LinkedIn has arrived, which means it’s time to unlock your full potential and take your profile to the next level! The days of LinkedIn simply being a place for job postings and networking have changed. With creator mode, users can increase their visibility by taking advantage of new features that are accessible to everyone. Thought leaders can build their personal brand while bringing transparency about their industries to the professional networking platform.

What is LinkedIn creator mode?
Creator mode is a new profile setting that any user can utilize. With additional tools and features, users can become content creators and have the opportunity to share personal and professional experiences with a wide audience. If you’re looking for different ways to use LinkedIn to your advantage, creator mode might be the answer!

Should I use creator mode?
Before switching your profile, ask yourself why you are on LinkedIn. If the features below seem helpful for sharing content or establishing your brand on Linkedin, creator mode may be for you!

What are the features?

  • You can incorporate up to five hashtags below your headline to show followers what content you focus on
  • Now, a 30 second video can be used as your profile picture
  • Users will click to “Follow” you instead of “Connect”
  • Freelancers can attach a service page to their profile to redirect users
  • Creator mode includes a “Featured” section at the top of a user’s profile that highlights their content

How is LinkedIn Changing?
Creators are not only sharing their professional growth but personal stories as well. LinkedIn is evolving to give users the ability to relate to both triumphs and struggles. Recently, LinkedIn user Patrick McCarthy shared an emotional story about his father, Peter Judge. With creator mode, it accumulated nearly 20,000 reactions. Users showed immense support for Judge– who was laid off from his service industry job. With over 500 connections, McCarthy’s network provided Judge with advice and countless opportunities in his new job search. Authenticity is taking over as people aim to build trust with their LinkedIn community through vulnerability.