Instagram stickers are helpful when attempting to call consumers to action and increase conversions. Utilizing call to action stickers in stories has a critical influence on the digital marketing of the business. 

Instagram’s story option is beneficial too. Beauty and fashion eCommerce benefit the most given Instagram’s strength: appealing to our visual senses with pictures and filtering options. Most users play into this trend, and those who create the best visuals, and celebrities usually generate a lot of traffic that can be converted into profits for the person or a brand. 

The formula for success on Instagram is relatively straightforward – on the surface. A stunning photo, pithy caption, and the perfect hashtag are all you need to drive engagement. But, you might be missing one crucial thing – a compelling call to action. 

A call to action (CTA) is your bread and butter. It is how traffic gets converted into something monetary. Combine a dope aesthetic with a powerful CTA, and you’re in business. 

Here are some of the stickers and their purposes. 

The Quiz Sticker 

  • Quizzing and educating your audience
  • Collecting feedback
  • Increasing engagements

The donation button 

  • Building awareness and support of your mission
  • Increasing brand loyalty
  • Humanizing your brand

DM Me sticker 

  • Exchange meaningful conversations in direct messages 
  • Share important information
  • Gather feedback 

Food Delivery & Gift Card Sticker

  • Increasing your story’s discoverability
  • Getting more views and engagement on your stories
  • Drawing attention to your business’ physical location

Mention Sticker:

  • Highlighting other Instagram accounts
  • Highlighting partnerships and influencer campaigns

Hashtag Sticker:

  • Increasing your story’s discoverability
  • Getting more views and engagement on your stories
  • Highlighting your branded hashtags, hashtag campaigns, and more!

Music Sticker:

  • Creating engaging content
  • Elevating your content to fit a specific mood

GIF Sticker:

  • Adding a visual flair to your stories
  • Highlighting your links & CTAs
  • Driving brand awareness

Poll & Emoji Sticker:

  • Crowdsourcing ideas and gathering feedback
  • Learning more about your audience
  • Creating engaging content

Question Sticker:

  • Promoting a time-sensitive campaign
  • Generating interest in a product launch

Shopping Sticker:

  • Promoting products on Instagram Stories
  • Generating sales