There’s a zesty new kid on the social media block and they go by Lemon8. If you haven’t heard of Lemon8 (yet!), you definitely know their sister TikTok, both of which are owned by ByteDance.

Imagine if Instagram and Pinterest had a baby. That’s how most people have described Lemon8. The app’s content is predominantly photos, like old-school Instagram, with a lifestyle focus like Pinterest. I downloaded Lemon8 and took notes on its strongest features to give you guys the inside scoop on how it could benefit your marketing.

Pros and Cons of Lemon8
Lemon8 makes it easy for anyone to create cute, trendy posts. With easy-to-use editing tools, users can follow sleek templates, retouch their photos with filters or add fun stickers. Every post had eye-catching annotations so I could see exactly what a post was about as I scrolled through my “For You Page.” For example, one post featured a picture of a woman holding up a plate of food, with the text “Recent NYC Bites.”


NU Media | Meet Lemon8

Lemon8’s carousel posts and long captions make it great for informative blog-style posts. Some creators post about mental health advice. Others give tips on how to pose for photos or even how to deal with birth control side effects. The influencer-driven lifestyle content on Lemon8 provides a great opportunity for businesses looking to expand their social media reach. ByteDance has even reached out to content creators on other platforms to use their new app.

Suggestions for Marketing on Lemon8

  • Expand your influencer marketing: reach out to influencers on Lemon8 to see if they want to collab
  • Set up an account for your business and post regularly
  • Comment on posts related to your industry to get your name out there
  • Follow key leaders in your industry
  • Keep up with trends and aesthetics of Lemon8 to make sure your posts stay relevant

What’s the Verdict?

Even though it’s only been a few months since Lemon8’s arrival in the US, the app already has several million users. There aren’t many brands on Lemon8 yet, so creating an account can offer your business a chance to get ahead of the trend! But will Lemon8 remain the new kid on the block or surpass social media veterans in popularity? Only time will tell.