At the end of every year, there are dozens of articles highlighting the biggest trends of the year and upcoming trends to expect in the new year. It can be overwhelming, especially fitting recent trends into your already established marketing strategy. But the good news is: it’s a new year! New year, new strategy! Every year comes new goals and fashions, which means you need new solutions.

New Goals, Need New Solutions

When it comes to crafting your resolutions, creating a plan to achieve them is vital! The best way to accomplish this is by reevaluating your goals from last year! Figuring what worked and what didn’t can help guide you when creating your new strategy. What’s excellent is social media and marketing trends are constantly changing. It can be a lot, but the ever-evolving media trends come with new solutions! Therefore, when creating your strategy make some space to include forecasted trends for the year and the ability to reevaluate as you go! This allows you to stay on top of trends and have a clear insight on how to use them to achieve your business goals!

Change is Good 

The saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” can apply to many marketing strategies. Why change anything if what you’ve been doing has been working. Trends are one thing (here for today, gone tomorrow); but if a social media site makes a significant change to its platform, there’s no other choice but to change! Take Instagram, for example; They recently switched their algorithm from boosting photo content to boosting video content. This urged many businesses to create more video content to keep up with the algorithm. Marketing strategies should be fluid. Sometimes you’re not always going to get it right, but media flexibility allows you to learn, change and be ready for your next viral idea!


Whether there was a previous marketing strategy in 2021 or you are looking to start new in 2022, now is the perfect time to do so! And if you’re still feeling overwhelmed, NU Media can help!

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