As the pandemic damaged many brick and mortar businesses in 2020, digital marketing was able to get them back on their feet. With this new era, digital marketing is necessary and NU Media is thrilled to be a part of your journey to strengthen your digital presence.

NU Media continues to assist each brand with marketing and public relations tactics for media exposure. Here are some of the successful brands and tactics NU Media has worked on:

Kyuramen at Union Square, Manhattan

One of NU Media’s clients, Kyuramen is a ramen bar showcasing different styles of noodle dishes served with traditional toppings & sides. Kyuramen is located in Union Square, Manhattan which is a new location that opened up after their location in Flushing, Queens. While the location in Flushing was already popular, not many knew about their grand opening in Manhattan. Aside from marketing, this is where public relations came in.

NU Media carefully hand selects each influencer by looking at their niche, engagement and following. With fun and engaging posts from the aforementioned influencers, Kyuramen has experienced explosive success and an increase in customers.

NU Media | NU Media: Digital Marketing Mavens

The X Pot in Las Vegas

NU Media’s long-term client, The X Pot, is located in the Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian® Resort Las Vegas. They are a luxurious and high-tech fine dining restaurant that serves Chinese fusion hot-pot. As they started off as the unknown, our overall digital marketing had created an uproar of their digital presence. From viral videos on social media to paid ads and SEO, all combined at the right timing proceeded to another successful client.

NU Media | NU Media: Digital Marketing Mavens

Szechuan Gourmet at Midtown, Manhattan

The newest client at NU Media, Szechuan Gourmet is located in Midtown, Manhattan. They serve delicious Sichuan dishes. Szechuan Gourmet won 7 consecutive years of the Michelin Guide Award from 2011- 2017 and were recommended by The New York Times. Years after a fire that resulted in devastation, they have recently opened back up with support from NU Media. Although Szechuan Gourmet is a new client, NU Media is prepared to lead them to success.

NU Media | NU Media: Digital Marketing Mavens