7 Ways to Change Your Thinking and Get Back to Creating!

No one creative block is the same, just like how no one creator works exactly the same way. For some, they draw inspiration from other artists or works. For others, they need to take a step back and change their approach, take a break, or just do something completely different.

  1. Take on a monotonous task.
    By taking on a simple task that doesn’t require thinking, you are allowing your brain to take a break and reset. This might be as simple as washing the dishes or folding your clothes to something like meditation or going for a walk or run.
  2. Find new sources of inspiration.
    Whether it’s attending a concert or walking through a museum, watching a movie or listening to a podcast, inspiration is everywhere. Immersing yourself in an experience different from your work or what you’re used to can activate your senses and kickstart your creative bone.
  3. Try a digital detox.
    It’s definitely weird to hear this advice from a DIGITAL marketing agency, but sometimes sitting in front of a computer, phone, or any digital device for long periods of time doesn’t really help with being creative. Some people might find it helpful to look at other creatives’ content such as TikTok videos or Instagram posts. However, for others it might be more beneficial to really just sit down with a piece of pen and paper and just write down whatever comes to mind. In a digital age, maybe this is the way to find a new perspective or try something new.
  4. Take risks.
    It’s easy to fall into a pattern, stick to a routine, or keep to what we know. But in a creative field, trends are forever changing and social media is constantly evolving. From Facebook to Instagram to TikTok and more, these large social media platforms continue to shape what we know and how we learn about current events and trends. It dictates how we can stay relevant. The same applies to just creating. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Take a risk and who knows? It might just lead you to unlock a creative side you never knew existed.
  5. Break it down into steps or chunks.
    When faced with a big task, sometimes it might seem so daunting you just don’t know where to start. Break your project or task into smaller, manageable steps or chunks and dive in. With every smaller task you complete, you’ll feel more confident and in control, hopefully allowing you to continue powering through and making every big task from there onward seem just a bit more manageable and so on and so forth.
  6. Apply some pressure.
    Sometimes we’re our own worst enemy, but procrastination always takes the cake. Set deadlines for yourself. In the previous tip (#5), we suggested breaking big tasks into chunks. For some people, this might work, but for others, it might be best to just dive head first and start the task. Taking that first step to do that something and continue to trudge on even when the task starts to seem hard.
  7. Take care of yourself.
    Drink some water. Eat a snack. Go for a walk. Maybe even opt for a nap. Your body knows you best and sometimes lets you know exactly what it needs in order to reboot yourself and your mind. Give in and let yourself be surprised. Taking care of yourself first might just allow your mind, body, and soul to relax and let the creative juices flow.

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