You’ve been searching how to increase Instagram engagement but somehow none of the tips and tricks you found are working…

Many Instagram users don’t realize how much damage they cause to their accounts. The tips and tricks that you have found should possibly work to outsmart the Instagram algorithm but is your engagement still low? Knowing what mistakes to avoid is more crucial than ever to succeed on the platform.

Here are 5 Instagram mistakes that you should avoid in 2021:

Writing too much text in your caption.

We all know that people love to share personal stories that happened during the day or what they did during the weekend. Keep your caption short, neat, and sweet. People have the shortest attention span so the longer the caption, the more people would skip reading and possibly forget to even like the post.

Not sharing your latest post to your story.

We’ve seen a few users who have complained about seeing people share their newest posts to their story: “Why do people share their posts to their stories? There’s no point.” Actually, there is a point and we recommend you to ignore these comments. Because of the Instagram algorithm, many users have a difficult time seeing posts. If you scroll through your Instagram right now, what do you see? Influencers and ads perhaps! To let your audience know of your new post and to gain more engagement, sharing your post to your story is KEY.

Not tagging the brands/accounts to your posts or stories.

Take advantage of tagging brands/accounts to your posts and stories for more exposure! Make sure to use the correct brand name or location. There are many brands that could be related to your niche and possibly tag to your photo for exposure. Example: If you’re in a hospitality business from NYC, tag a NYC food guide accounts for possible reposts!
Being inconsistent on branding.

Knowing your brand and your niche is essential to post relevant content for your audience. Posting things you personally like will sometimes bring you off track for your brand and content feed. This leads to low engagement. Always be consistent in branding!

Using the wrong hashtags.

Most account users don’t realize that they use the wrong hashtags. If you know your specific target audience, search for some that are related to your content. Sometimes putting unrelated hashtags will give you great engagement but that will give you the wrong audience. The wrong audience can hinder your growth on Instagram along with sales. Don’t forget to keep that in mind!