What’s the most embarrassing mistake you’ve made in the workplace? Whatever it is, you’ll probably feel much better after reading some stories under the “#DearIntern” on Twitter. HBO’s accidental “Dear Intern” trend has continually resurfaced across the internet since it first went viral in 2021. It started when a test email was accidentally sent out to HBOMax’s subscription list, which caused a flood of “intern” jokes across Twitter.

When HBO revealed that an intern actually made the mistake, people began sharing their own embarrassing workplace stories under the hashtag #DearIntern.

The tweets were entertaining but also opened the floor for netizens to bond over mistakes that remind us we’re all human. After all, an accidental email doesn’t look so bad compared to calling your boss a muppet. The trend continues to generate significant exposure for HBO and demonstrates the key role that community plays in viral marketing.

Nothing gains more traction than authentic, unsponsored voices, which often carry the most successful marketing campaigns. Coca-Cola’s iconic “Share a Coke” campaign is one of the earliest campaigns designed to be carried by consumers and rocked the internet in its massive success. Spotify Wrapped is another example of viral marketing that consistently reigns over social media every December. Despite their differences,“#DearIntern”, Share a Coke, and Spotify Wrapped all have one thing in common: they bring people together.

Whether it’s relating over embarrassing office stories, posting pictures of your soda, or sharing music, each instance brings people together over shared experiences. Despite your company’s careful planning, the audience themselves hold the most influence. Craft your content to be original and relatable, and remember that you can never go wrong with a touch of humor.