Marketing is no longer only about sending brochures, putting up flyers, making cold calls. While traditional marketing is still essential to implementing the business practice, digital marketing plays a significant role in increasing business development.

What Is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

These are marketing strategies that include action steps for your digital marketing when put into simple terms plan. When you develop these strategies, you’re doing so to achieve marketing goals. The best marketing strategies have carefully selected Internet marketing channels that involve owned, earned, and paid media. Don’t confuse your marketing strategy plan with your digital marketing campaign, which consists of the building blocks within your action plan you’ll use to achieve your goals.

Where’s Your Audience?

You know your audience, but do you learn where to find and connect with them? The best marketing strategies use analytics for creating buyer personas instead of relying on stereotypes or assumptions. Once you complete that, think about all organic and paid digital marketing channels that are available. Which ones will your audience be using, and at what stage of the sales funnel? Answering these questions will help you determine which marketing channels you should be using, as well as which audience members you should be targeting during each phase of your strategy.

Apply Guidelines and Implement Automation

Once you know how your audience will react to your digital marketing mix, it’s time to reach your goals by creating tactics that will help you tie everything together. For example, you could place a call to action at the end or insert generation widgets on the side of each blog post. You could build relationships or brand recognition by sharing influencers’ content on your social media networks. Then, it’s time to add more automation and personalization. You can achieve this by combining the two with audience segmentation (dividing your audience into groups according to Disruptive Advertising, you individual traits) when writing copy for focused groups of people based on your relationship to them with your business, according to Disruptive Advertising.

Why Are Buyer Personas Important?

You can’t have an effective branding marketing strategy unless you fully understand who your audience is and why they want a product or service. When you know this, you can figure out which marketing platform they’ll be on as well as how to interact with them. Develop buyer personas that are specific and based on global marketing strategies research.

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