As a young company founded a year ago by two genuine philanthropists, Ada Hu and Eva Jiang, NU Media helps businesses with promotions in a hard time.

“We shifted our thought process to exclusively our clients. We redirected our efforts and effectively implemented digital solutions. We base our success off of our clients’ success,” stated partner Ada Hu. “We are very proud of the work we accomplished in 2020 and look forward to how we can help our clients even more in 2021.”

NU Media | The Women-Owned Marketing Company Promotes Businesses In The Midst Of COVID-19 Pandemic

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NU Media’s purpose is to help companies publicise their services. In these times, digital marketing services are crucial to businesses everywhere for customer relations and support. At the same time, companies need to reach further and maintain efficient communication with customers.

Boston Herald and Yahoo Finance report the story of NU Media and friends.

NU Media is on the front lines of cutting-edge marketing trends and techniques with the in-house developed “NU Media Business Ecosystem,” which is built from their strong relationships and niche services. Significant platforms, media, influencers, and all sorts of business vendors provide complete digital solutions for clients.

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