Season’s greetings to one and all! As the cold weather sets in, we have some exciting new marketing trends to share. So here’s the inside scoop. An increasing number of brands are using a social media play that highlights user generated content (UGC) over branded content. Long gone are the times of staged and perceivably perfect content. Perfection is out and authenticity is in.

A content creator in the know said, “brands like Glossier and Athletic Greens are taking advantage of real customers enjoying their products and turning them into ads. There’s no better way to get the word out!”

A well-thought-out UGC strategy can build social proof and credibility around your brand. Reposting content like reviews, photos, and videos can allow shoppers to learn from each other and help you create new revenue streams.

Suggestion Box

So we get it! UGC makes a difference in terms of trust and the bottom line. But what are some ideas for creating an implementable UGC strategy? Here are some thoughts from our team at NU Media.

Reward your community for posting reviews or related content
Invite content creators to be featured on your social media feeds
Run giveaways or promotions with your products
Create a branded hashtag your community can share
Repost reviews and unboxings
Research already relevant hashtags and tagged posts
Find partnerships with podcasters
Go for authenticity over perfectly curated content

At the end of the year, all of our schedules get hectic. We hope you find some time to try one or two of these suggestions out. They may give you the needed spark you need this holiday season. Stay warm and remember––authenticity always wins!