Getting Verified in 2023

There is no getting around it. The blue checkmark has been the defining status symbol on social media for over a decade. But as we head into the summer, there is a lot of buzz on how to get verified. You might be asking yourself, why is it that some accounts have it while others do not? Also, how can I get one? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

Meta Verified, Facebook and Instagram’s verification service, allows users to be verified through a step-by-step process. Meta Verified offers users extra features like account protection and story stickers. They also have a free version of their verification service for celebrities and public figures. But for most Meta users, though, the easiest path to getting a blue checkmark is by paying a monthly fee. When it comes to Twitter, however, things are a bit more complicated.

With the rise of Twitter Blue, the Twitter verification service, there have been a series of confusing mishaps. When Twitter Blue launched, every account lost its blue checkmark, except those willing to pay the monthly fee. Then, blue checkmarks started appearing on celebrities’ profiles who didn’t request them. As it currently stands, Twitter Blue requires a monthly subscription to secure the blue checkmark, as well as other perks such as the ability to edit tweets.

The hallmark of Twitter’s blue checkmark used to be that journalists and celebrities had a verified platform to speak. Now, the Twitter landscape has turned into the wild west, where no one is sure about the actual value of a verified account. But what does that mean for brands and businesses trying to get noticed?

First, getting verified isn’t always the key to building a network and growing your audience. Focus on what engages you and your followers. Stay informed on the developing situation at Twitter Blue and what may come next. When trying to get verified, do your research across every platform you engage with–what’s true for one might not be true for all. Lastly, good luck out there! We are always a phone call away if you need tips on navigating marketing trends or the ever-changing social media landscape.