Our society repeats the same phrase over and over – you must work hard to gain success. But in the business world, it saves much more time and money to work smart. NXTFactor applies this into the digital marketing world. We believe in the 80/20 rule.

The 80/20 rule is this: 80% percent of all results come from 20% of the causes.

The rule of thumb is to basically focus on that small 20% to improve 80% of the results. If you focus on the goals that really matter, everything else will fall into place.

For instance, your restaurant sets up an Instagram account to drive customers into the business. You decide to create captions and graphics that looks and sounds like an advertisement for 80% of your posts. (Ex. Come in to get 20% off your lobster roll!) Why do we want to get your lobster roll in the first place? Do we even know if your lobster roll is that good? Do you think this will attract your audience when they don’t know anything about your business in the first place? Probably not.

Now let’s flip it the other way around. As your first Instagram post, you decide to post a photo of a food item from your menu with a quirky little statement about how your chef decided to name it. Leading up to the promotion, you post photos of delicious lobster rolls from every angle with captions about how it’s made and how the food looks delicious to you.

The only thing you’ve really changed is the copy and the photo posting plan. Now, your audience sees the photo, the business’s personality, and your excitement about the promotion even before the ad gets approved. Now, your audience actually WANTS the promotion!

80% of all the content you post on the internet and social media should communicate value and 20% of those posts should be focused on promotions. Your success comes from 20% of that effort, but the other 80% will drive it! Are you mind boggled yet?

Too many business owners have it the other way around! But if you aren’t convinced, here’s a small fact for you:

Businesses with blogs receive 67% more leads than businesses without blogs! It’s always important to offer more than your money’s worth.

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