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How CEO Ada Hu is inspiring young women to succeed

When Ada Hu set out make a difference in her life, she didn’t just want to create a digital agency; her goal was to disrupt the existing structure. Ada is a founder of NU Media, and along with her partner, Eva Jiang, she has been able to build an exemplary brand and expand her footprints way beyond the shores of digital media.

As a true differentiator, her philosophy of “women support women” has been her main driver in business and entrepreneurship. Using her innate potential and self-taught disruptive skills, she is not just helping brands achieve their marketing objectives but also building the next generation of female disruptors and entrepreneurs who would change the narrative and transform the world of business in a way never before seen.

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Top 3 tips for thriving in the digital industry, by Ada Hu

Ada Hu teamed up with Eva Jiang in 2019, bringing two distinctively dynamic brands- Universal Processing and NXT Factor under one roof. With this merger, the result was NU Media. Ada as a founder of NU Media successfully created a super brand that was nothing short of spectacular! A brand founded on the principles of authenticity, values and innovation. Before Ada decided to navigate the murky waters of the digital realm, there were a few things she resolved to address;

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Ada Hu: Winning through the Barriers

Strong, resilient, driven, passionate and consistent are just some of the words that can aptly describe Ada Hu, who has defied all odds and is now sitting at the helm of affairs of one of the world’s fast-rising media startups. Ada Hu is the Founder and new age disruptor of NU Media. But it wasn’t always this way, Ada’s journey to success is one of many little steps, anchored on the principles of hardwork and determination.

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5 Reasons Why NU Media is leading the digital world, by Ada Hu

Established in 2019, NU Media is the result of the coming together of two spectacular firms; Universal Processing and NXT Factor. Ada Hu is the founder of NU Media, a company build to provide meaningful value and support for small and medium-sized businesses to aid growth and advance the course of meeting their business goals.

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How NU Media is revolutionizing the digital media space

Built on innovation, excellence and customer satisfaction, NU Media was incorporated in 2019 by two female visionaries. Ada Hu is the Founder of NU Media who is expanding her entrepreneurial footprints in the industry with her resilience and knack for excellence. It is a truly international digital agency with a strong knack for investment. Although headquartered in New York, NU Media has footprints in several other parts of the world, including Texas, Philadelphia, Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, Xiamen and Guangzhou.

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Ada Hu, Co-Founder And CEO Of NU Media, Reveals Three Secrets To Entrepreneurial Success

Harmonizing philanthropy and entrepreneurial innovation has never felt more important than today. For the co-founder of NU Media, Ada Hu, empowering women and enabling their growth through her digital marketing agency has always been at the top of her checklist. She is defying the odds as an innovative young female entrepreneur of the digital industry. Due to the unprecedented, the business landscape experienced a huge shift. Certainly, the change was seen at NU Media as well, but it was more like an opportunity to expand their business and support brands on an expanded horizon. 


“How Would Another Digital Agency Create A Difference?”, Ada Hu, CEO Of NU Media, Just Did That!

Before Ada Hu plunged into the digital realm, she asked herself, “How would just another digital agency create a difference?” The answer was simple yet powerful, “women support women”, which encouraged her to become a true differentiator. At NU Media, Ada hu and Eva Jiang have been creating waves with their fresh perspectives and ceaseless innovation for brands. Ada, co-founder, social activist, CEO and Managing Partner of the company, has expanded her entrepreneurial footprints well beyond the digital world. As a self-taught disruptor and young female entrepreneur, her goal is to support brands and women of the industry through her best potential. 

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Ada Hu, CEO of NU Media, Disrupting the Digital World

Do you remember how social media was a new frontier a few years ago and connecting with friends was all we knew about the digital world? But today, it’s clear that we have come a long way. As technology and mediums have evolved, brands quickly adapted to the power of digital marketing. In recent times, when our customers’ mornings start with a fresh cup of coffee and countless swipes on social media, depriving your brand of digital presence today is simply like drinking from an empty cup. Since we know how digital presence has changed brand appearances, Ada Hu, a philanthropist and CEO and Co-founder of NU Media, has also changed the idea of running successful companies.

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CNU Media’s Success as Defined by Ada Hu and Eva Jiang

While setting a goal, you may find yourself looking for signs that you have succeeded through other people’s achievements.

Co-founders Ada Hu and Eva Jiang of NU Media begs to differ and offers a fresh perspective on this. They believe that success is personal and specific to each individual in varying ways. For them, it’s ending a day being fulfilled and happy knowing they each gave their full effort for a client.

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Conquering COVID-19 through Perseverance: Learning from Ada Hu and Eva Jiang’s Experience

The hospitality industry comes to mind as one of the business sectors heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies from this category also experienced losses and had to adapt to the changes – one of them is Ada Hu and her co-founder Eva Jiang.

In March 2020, 99% of their clients, including enterprises from the tourism sector, had to close. A year later, they share how they bounced back with one tough decision that impressively changed their business.

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NU Media’s Ada Hu and Eva Jiang Aspires to Empower Young Women

Many people draw inspiration by viewing other people’s success from afar, but Ada Hu and her co-founder Eva Jiang do it differently. The young business executives focus on their goal to empower other women while creating a positive community.

Throughout her career, Ada has always wanted to assist as many young women as possible. Several of her experiences can improve women entrepreneurs’ growth in different aspects. “One of the biggest ideals I hold close to me is women helping other women,” she says. Her goals remain to be focused on helping other people and giving back to society. She also wishes to help with the growth of as many businesses as possible by sharing her skills in marketing.

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Overcoming the Challenges of Entrepreneurship with Ada Hu

Ada Hu is a female entrepreneur, angel investor, and social activist. Having gone to an all-girls school and a female dominant university, Ada truly believes in the power of female entrepreneurship. She currently serves as the CEO & Managing Partner of NU Media and NXT Factor.

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Ada Hu’s Success Story with NU Media

Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur?

Ada Hu: Every successful entrepreneur understands the importance of grit. Many can come up with great ideas but few can actually follow through with them. I have found that perseverance and grit is the pattern that leads to becoming a successful entrepreneur. It’s not as easy as most people think but it is as simple as it sounds.

Having the ability to finish something from beginning to end is not as easy as many believe.

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NU Media’s Ada Hu on What Motivates Her

Ada Hu: What motivates me the most is my team and seeing just how much NU Media has grown. It is incredibly inspiring to see the success we’ve all created. I always say that positivity encourages progress and I see our team flourish more every day.
Every day I come into work with such excitement and joy because seeing the growth of all the NU Media team members makes me realize what it truly means to influence othes around you…

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The X Pot Announces Second Location Opening in Chicago this Summer

This summer, The X Pot Chicago will open its doors to the public. Located inside the Roosevelt Collection, The X Pot will be the first hotpot restaurant located in the South Loop neighborhood of Chicago.

David Zhao, the managing Partner at The X Pot, speaks about this endeavor, saying: “My team and I are excited to bring a state of art interactive fine-dining experience to the city of Chicago. We aim to bridge the gap of different cultures through our culinary experience.”

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A Dynamic Team Makes for Incredible Results. NU Media Client, The X Pot, Prepares for a Record Breaking Year.

NU Media is at the forefront of digital marketing that grows viewership and it is not just because the median age at the office is 26. When businesses are looking to grow their media and marketing there’s only one company that has the strategy and services to back their claims.

NU Media is composed of a diverse team of web developers, online marketing experts and digital strategists. They have had major success helping various businesses, in different industries, grow to super-star status. Led by CEO Ada Hu, the creative services and media planning merge together to form a result that one can only be described as brilliant.

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Ready for a Weekend Away? Las Vegas Is as Luxe as Ever

After spending a year at home, you’re probably feeling a little stir crazy. If you’ve been daydreaming about a romantic weekend getaway or a chance to celebrate the start of Spring somewhere other than your living room couch, why not make it a reality? Head to Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas where you can enjoy delectable dining, luxury shopping and enchanting entertainment which includes the return of Streetmosphere – now available Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12PM to 7:30PM – providing complimentary Renaissance inspired ambient performances while you shop along the enchanted cobblestone streets. Invite someone you love on a trip to Las Vegas, and live it up as safely as possible.


Remarkable Women Celebrate Women’s History Month at NU Media

Unintentionally done, NU Media is one of the only full-service marketing agencies with over 85% of their employees identifying as female. Efficient and bustling, the work produced reflects the positive atmosphere and happy staff.

Entering the doors of NU Media, chairs are huddled together and inhibitions are thrown aside. Everyone feels they can rely on each other, yet no one is talked over.

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Remarkable Women Celebrate Women’s History Month at NU Media

“For the longest time, I thought you were just a pretty face.” Comments like this reflect how people think, even after years of knowing the apparent truth. As a woman in the marketing industry, there are many times when demeaning words seem to be normalized, even consistent.

Ada Hu, the CEO of NU Media, still receives these comments and brushes it off as the norm for her because it happens so often. Is it possible to reform the rhetoric when even the head of a company is only seen as a pretty face?

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Ada Hu and Her League of Strong Women Celebrate Women History Month at NU Media

Ada Hu: NU Media is a joint venture between Universal Processing and NXT Factor. It was founded by my partner, Eva Jiang, and I back in 2019. NU Media’s purpose is to help companies broadcast their services. COVID-19 has made even the most successful companies in need of more updated advertising resources, which NU Media supplies. We strive to provide the highest level of digital media services. Our expertise helps businesses grow and prosper. In these times especially, marketing services are so important to businesses everywhere.


Women-Owned Marketing Company NU Media Promotes Businesses in the Midst of COVID-19 Pandemic

Integrity and ingenuity are regularly at the forefront of the minds of NU Media Founding Partners, Ada Hu and Eva Jiang. Established only one year ago and with a team of 30, they have garnered over 2 million dollars in revenue in 2020; a record breaking number.


The X Pot Redefines Chinese Hot Pot With Robot Servers And 5D Projection

Las Vegas is home to a new kind of hot pot experience, complete with fine-dining-worthy ingredients, stunning 5D projections and robots. In recent years, this Chinese approach to dipping various ingredients, such as meat, seafood, noodles and vegetables, in flavorful broths has become more prominent in the U.S., thanks to heavy hitters like international chain Haidilao.

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Balanced Soup Dumplings, and Much More, at 3 Times

Gently lift the dumpling, slowly carry it to your spoon, open the skin and then drink the soup. So goes the translation of a Chinese proverb explaining how to eat xiao long bao, the wildly popular dumplings known for their soupy filling. How you choose to get to the soup — by piercing the wrapper or biting off the dumpling’s topknot — is immaterial; it all leads to the same end. 


Robot Servers and Interactive Animations Entertain at the New Hot Pot Restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip

The robot servers await their orders at the new X Pot at the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Palazzo. The restaurant from founders ​Haibin Yang and ​David Zhao​ created the restaurant that opened its lounge in August and revealed its dining room in September. The X Pot offers a mix of interactive dining and entertainment that includes classic Chinese face-changing…


Universal Processing’s COO Bufan Yang Named to ETA’s Forty Under 40: Gamechangers in Payments Technology

NEW YORK, Feb. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — For the second year in a row, Universal Processing, LLC. has been recognized by the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA). Chief Operating Officer Bufan Yang has been selected for the ETA’s annual “Forty Under 40” list. Last year its Founder and CEO, Saint Hung was one of ETA’s awardees….


Chinese Restaurants Scramble to Add New Delivery Services to Combat Coronavirus Fears

ChineseChinese restaurants are on the front line in dealing with the commercial impacts of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), although there’s no evidence that the virus is affecting Chinese populations in New York more than any other group. In the past weeks, many major Chinatowns’ foot traffic has reportedly dropped more than 50 percent….

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Budgify Unveils Major Rebrand for Keystone AI-bookkeeping while Amplifying BIPOC & Women-Owned Businesses

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 15, 2020 / Budgify and twin-founders, Adam and Alex Harowicz are dedicated to making a vital financial difference for business owners progressing into 2021. Placing a focus on BIPOC, veteran, and women-owned businesses, the AI-driven bookkeeping company aims to inspire change on a global scale…


Robot Servers Ready to Overtake a New Hot Pot Restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip

The robots do not function yet, but the food is ready at X Pot, the new hot pot restaurant now open at the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Palazzo. The restaurant opened its lounge area, with the dining room with robot servers debuting later. Once completely open, the restaurant promises an entertainment experience with 360-degree projections in high-def, interactive light shows, and…


For the 2nd Time, Universal Processing Appears on the Inc. 5000, Ranking No. 4750 With Three-Year Revenue Growth of 62.61%

Inc. magazine today revealed that Universal Processing is No. 4750 on its annual Inc. 5000 list, the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. The list represents a unique look at the most successful companies within the American economy’s most dynamic segment—its independent small businesses. Intuit, Zappos, Under Armour…

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Are We Going Back to The Normal Course of Business? 

The financial markets have determined that the Coronavirus crisis is over and done with. The majority of public companies have regained the trust of funds and retail investors to return to all-time-highs in spite of uncertainty – it has not yet been fully determined whether the second wave of the pandemic, if there was to be one, will cripple the economy in the same manner the first wave did.  Additionally the markets are months away from understanding whether “main street” businesses have come back to the same level of profitability…


Cook Your Food In Bubble Tea At This Wild Hot Pot Restaurant | Brooklyn, New York

If you haven’t seen Buzzfeed’s Bring Me video series which featured Xiang Hotpot then you must check it out here. We were able to help Xiang Hotpot secure a spot with Buzzfeed and share their unique concept with their 5 million followers all over the world…

Universal Processing recognized as No. 500 on Inc. Annual List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies

Inc. magazine today revealed that Universal Processing is No. 500 on its annual Inc. 5000 list, the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. The list represents a unique look at the most successful companies within the American economy’s most dynamic segment-its independent small businesses. Microsoft, Dell, Domino’s Pizza, Pandora, Timberland, LinkedIn, Yelp, Zillow….