While scrolling through Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and all the social media that exists, we always hear variations of the same expression about influencers, “It’s crazy how many followers they have because they’re not even celebrities!”

And they’re not. In fact, they’ve even become more popular than celebrities. So popular that large brands often use them in their ads or commercials.

Influencer Marketing is a relatively new strategy in the PR and digital marketing industry. However, its basis of building relationships and trust is the age-old principle that makes the strategy so effective. Add the ingredient, “relatable”, into the mix (something that celebrities have a harder time achieving) and it becomes the perfect formula for marketing a growing business!

Here are the top 3 secrets of improving your influencer campaign:

  1. Offer value to your influencers
    I’m not just talking about free products or money. People trust and follow these influencers because they’re not willing to just promote any type of business.They believe in quality. They believe in authenticity. They believe in values. So give them something they believe in. Your brand is special so you better believe in it too. Make them excited about your vision. In return, they will show their audiences every ounce of passion and inspiration for your products and/or services.
  2. Help them understand your vision, goals, and objectives
    Carefully tailor the messages, emails, and presentations you send to influencers so they feel more like a collaborator to your campaign rather than just another cog in the machine. As influencers, they understand how people work. Do they have any issues with your strategy? Address that and work together on improving it.Create a marketing brief. Give them a feel of what it’s like be a part of your brand. Be specific about your goals for the campaign, the message you’re trying to put out, the key objectives the influencers should focus on, what deliverables they should provide, and all other necessary information to make them a partner in this process.Doing all of this will give you control over the type of content that must be released while giving influencers the creative flexibility to present your brand in their own voice. 
  3. Nurture your relationship with influencers by understanding their brand
    How you treat the influencer is a reflection of how every existing and potential customer they reach will be treated.Keep track of all your previous interactions with them. Take notes on important topics in your conversations. Be a follower of their social media and study their aesthetic, posts, and interactions. Did the influencer mention she or he had a nut allergy? You better let the servers of your restaurant know before they come in. Does their feed seem to lean more towards a warmer color scheme? Give them products that better suits their aesthetics and editing style.If they create a story on Instagram about their experience at your business, take the story and put it on your own Instagram with a little blurb about your experience with them! And these are just a few examples. When working with influencers, it’s never just a one-way street.

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